Saturday, 22 August 2020

The Book of Universal Revelation: 10 brutal martial arts techniques

This was partly inspired by a post made by SmokeyTheOwlbear, as well as by K6BD, Karanduun, Crisis Jung, Fist of the North Star, Afro Samurai and a few other pieces of media.

The Book of Universal Revelation
There is a 5% chance for the Book of Universal Revelations to appear in any large library or book collection. The book is not indexed anywhere and must be found, but will usually be in the Mysticism, Warfare or Art sections.
The book is written in the most abstruse way possible, and needs to be studied for a month to gain any benefit from it. After every week of study, a save vs spell must be made: whatever the outcome, the reader suffers the effects of a Confusion spell for 12 hours. A week of fasting and self-mortification give a +1 bonus to the week's save.
After 4 weeks, if the reader did succeed at least 3 saves, they will have learned one of the mystical martial arts techniques in the book, determined randomly. Regardless of whether the reader has learnt anything, the book will then disappear and materialize somewhere else.

  1. Palm of Peace: the attacker strikes the opponent with four blows at once, inflicting 4d3 damage
  2. Celestial Dropkick: the attacker makes a full move, inflicts 3d4 damage to an opponent, and then may make a full move again
  3. Chain of Judgement: the attacker hits the opponent with a rapid succession of blows, inflicting 2d4 damage, exploding 4s
  4. Skull of Mercy: the attacker violently headbutts the opponent, inflicting 3d6 damage, and both must save vs spell or suffer the effect of a Confusion spell for 1 turn
  5. Wheel of Creation: the attacker explodes briefly in a flash of burning light, inflicting 1d8 damage to everyone in front, behind, to the left, to the right, below and above within 10' as well as to themselves
  6. Purging Gaze: a beam of burning light inflicts 2d6 damage to anyone in front of the attacker for 30', +2d6 to undead
  7. Ocean of Blood: the attacker vomits burning blood on the opponent for 2d6 damage, the target must save vs spell or suffer the effect of a Fear spell
  8. Judgement's Voice: a sound blast hits everyone within 10' of the attacker, inflicting 1d8 damage and destroying all non-magic weapons in a 10' radius
  9. Ether Spear: the attacker throws a spear of burning light, inflicting 2d8 damage to an opponent within 60'
  10. Violence reaches Heaven: the attacker savagely maims the opponent, inflicting 4d4 damage
    • Breaches the Gate: the attacker viciously severs an opponent's limb, inflicting 5d5 damage
      • Murderers the Gods: the attacker sadistically tears the opponent in half, inflicting 6d6 damage
        • Usurps the Throne: the attacker utterly annihilates the opponent's body, who suffers the effect of a Disintegrate spell


Each technique can be used a number of times daily equal to 1 + 1 if cleric + Int MOD, and can be used in place of any other action in combat, using the attackers Attack Bonus.

It is possible to learn multiple different arts. Should an already known art be rolled, the next one below is learned, with the exception of #10, which can only be learned when a 10 is rolled; every subsequent 10 allows to delve deeper into the mystic art of senseless murder.
Using any technique to kill an opponent, or even just using the tenth technique, forces all onlookers to save vs spell or suffer the effect of a Fear spell.

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