Saturday, 2 January 2021

d8: Dungeon! - Greyhold Dungeon


by Axebane

I haven't been very active for a while because of real life business, but recently one of the lads posted this neat little blank dungeon by Axebane in the forum, so I gave it a shot at filling it out.

1. Shimmering Cave
This grotto shines with glowing crystals and luminous shrooms. In the pool at the middle of it lives a vain Giant Crab wearing 500gp in gold, gems and jewels on its back. Fighting in here incurs a malus of 2 to hit because everything is so shiny.

2. Greyneck's Hole
An elderly Wererat enjoys his retirement here with his wives, two Giant Rats, and his Swarm of Rats children. He dislikes visitors and will point them to 3 and 4 to get rid of them.

3. Wet Cellar
A Green Slime hangs from the ceiling of this damp, stinking, empty room. Behind a fake wall is a small room containg 600sp, a scroll of poison spell, and a book about poisons (studying the book daily for a month gives a permanent +1 to saves vs poison).

4. Old Catacomb
A dusty old crypt. Inside the closed stone tomb 3 Ghouls are resting among chewed bones. One of the ghouls wears a ring worth 200gp.

5. Digging Site
This room has an uneven floor, as if someone had been digging randomly in the dirt. Behind a secret door is a trapped chest with 1000gp: removing more than 100gp in weight causes the hidden alcove to collapse.

6. Storage Room
Opened crates of old supplies have been abandoned to rot here. Among the garbage are an axe and 4 flasks of oil.

7. Cave System
2 Carrion Crawlers are feasting upon the bodies of three humanoids. There's a +1 Helmet among the wastes on the floor.

8. Snail Garden
A sophisticated Flail Snail lives here, tending to her mushroom garden and reading frivolous books. She is more than happy to trade some of her rare alchemical shrooms for romantic novels, lady magazines, or even just a few hours of tea and chatter.

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